🎃SEGA Shop Pumpkin Carving Competition🎃


1. Firstly, select which stencil you would like to use to carve your SEGA inspired pumpkin. There are 4 options provided, but be careful, they have different difficulties so choose wisely...
2. Print out the stencil (A4 paper is recommended).
3. Cut out all parts of the stencil and stick to the pumpkin (make sure to hollow out your pumpkin prior to carving).
4. Use the stencil to help guide you when carving into the pumpkin. Make sure to pay attention as some pieces of the stencil involve cutting through the pumpkin completely, whereas others will require a smaller slice so you can peel away the skin instead of creating a hole.
5. Once you have successfully carved all the parts of the stencil, remove any remaining pieces of the stencil.
6. Hurrah! You now have your very own SEGA pumpkin! Now decide how you would like to display your pumpkin ready for its photoshoot - LET'S GET SPOOKY!
1. Once you have successfully carved out your pumpkin, take a photo, tweet it and make sure to tag us @segashopeurope. Feel free to add some spooky vibes as we will be judging the winners based on both effort and attention to detail.
2. Make sure you are following us on Twitter @segashopeurope
3. Make sure you are following us on Instagram @segashopeurope
(Please ensure all 3 requirements of this competition are met as we will be checking when selecting the winners).
3 winners will be chosen on Monday 31st October and will be messaged directly through twitter. Each winner will receive 1x £50/€50 gift voucher to use on the SEGA Shop Europe website!
To secure yourself the best chance of winning, focus on the attention to detail when carving your pumpkin. We will be deciding based on not only what we think looks best, but also the effort put in... but we know you SEGA Shop fans never disappoint!
Please note: This competition is only open to UK and EU customers.